Floral Print

Floral Print

Floral designs are the cutest way a teen can express their girliness through fashion. Floral print is extremely popular and it is definitely one of my personal faves. They combine different colours to create patterns that are super cute! The best thing about floral print is that it is sold nearly everywhere and that they are sold in so many clothing pieces such as: shorts, tees, knits, skirts, dresses, kimonos and even hair bows! This print is perfect for dressing up or down an outfit. I personally don’t think you can over do floral print because it looks perfect with any outfit! (unless you wear floral print head to toe). Floral can be accessorized with many different colours and designs. It is so popular that people have even created nail designs, phone cases and home décor inspired by this print!

Xoxo, Fashionbeautyyxo

Photo credz: Irene, Purple_collar and We_Heart_it_wardrobe all from We❤it


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