Studs. A great thing to add to any piece; whether studding your phone case, studding you plain old tee, or just even studding your shoes. Studs can add that touch onto an outfit that makes the outfit seem magical. Even though studs are one of the best inventions ever (duh.) you have to be aware of what you are studding and not to over do it. Be sure not to wear more than three pieces of clothing that include studs on you(including phone cases, beanies and sunnies) or you will over do it. Over doing the whole ‘studs’ thing makes you look like you look ridiculous…..eeek. You sure don’t wanna do that. Anyways, still going on with studs, someone recently on instagram asked me what to do coz she cant find studs to stud her phone case. There are websites that sell studded cases for you. For a bargain check out etsy, ebay and amazon. If your feeling amazing and don’t mind spending a few more dollars, check out wildflower cases for amazing hand-crafted studded cases that are amazing in quality too.
That was my first column and comment down below for anymore topics

xoxo fashionbeautyyxo

credzzzz to the pic~ Marina B on we ❤ heart it


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