Crop Tops & Muscle Tees: Do’s & Dont’s, How to style and more!

Crop Tops & Muscle Tees: Do's & Dont's, How to style and more!

Crop Tops:

Crop Tops are one of the cutest clothing pieces for Spring and Summer. Even though Crop Tops are pieces for summer time, we are going to show you how to style these tops for fall and winter and just for summer plus some do’s and dont’s.

Do’s & Don’ts

1) Wearing Crop Top ‘A’ style (Tight at the top and flowy down at the bottom)
2) Showing a bit of skin
3) Wear crop tops if you are under 30.
4) Let the crop top be the main attention of your outfit
5) Wear it on the weekend


1) A tight crop top with a tight skirt (aka. tight with tight)
2) Don’t show half your stomach coz then you look like you are wearing a bra
3) Don’t wear crop tops if you already had children; it makes you look like you want to be a teen all over again
4) Don’t look like miley: with the black bra under a white see-through crop.
5) Don’t wear it to work

How to style a Crop Tops: Fall

The big maxi:

~ Wearing your favourite crop and a maxi skirt. The maxi skirt keeps you warm so; Its a plus plus!

The high-waisted bottoms

~ High-waisted bottoms cover-up your stomach and legs, so it makes you all warmed up:)

The Army Jacket

~ Wearing an army jacket n high waist jeggings/leggings give you so much warmth that it can be worn in winter!

How to Style: Summer

The flippy skirt

~ Pairing a crop top with a flippy skirt/ skater skirt gives you that girliness while staying cool and comfortable all day long.

The Lay-over

~ Fashionista Lauren Conrad suggests wearing a crop top over “that” dress for that unique feel.

The High waisted shorts

~ Those high waisted shorts paired with a crop top is awesome when ur at the beach coz u only need to throw on a pair of shorts and ur done!

Muscle Tees:

Muscle tees can transform that girliness side of you into a more edgier side. We are goin to show you how to rock this fashion staple winter and summer.


The shorts

~ styling a muscle tee with a pair of plain shorts, highlights the edginess of the tee.

The leather wrap

~ tucking ur muscle tee into a leather tight skirt gives it that more of a professional vibe.
This look is great for winter as well by adding some stockings to the mix.


The jacket.

~ pairing this shirt with preferably a leather jacket but also an army one keeps you warm and also outlines the shirt as well:)

The jeannnnnnsss

~ Adding jeggings dresses the outfit down and more casual whilst keeping you warm and cozyyy (also fashionable) duh.

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