How to Wear Galaxy Leggings!


So as you may know, Galaxy print has been a trend for quite a while now… However, ALOT of people have failed to create a perfect outfit that will compliment the look and most importantly the galaxy leggings! Seems it is such a unique, colourful and cute pattern, it can be a challenge itself to create the perfect outfit. Today, i will be telling you a short and simple column about how to create the perfect outfit with Galaxy Leggings as well as a few Do’s and Dont’s!

– Alot of people like to be bold with their colour choice of tees and blouses when wearing galaxy leggings but this is DEFINITELY without a doubt a Dont!
– When pairing a top with these leggings, be sure it is a basic, plain, simple and casual top! Such as a plain sleeveless grey, black or white top.

If you do want to change it up a bit or think outside of the box, u can wear a top that is found within the pattern. I recommend it still be a plain top but it can be the main colour of the design such as: blue, purple or maybe even pink… Depending on the main colour of your leggings.

When accessories any outfit that incorporates Galaxing leggings i suggest accessories with black because as we all know, black goes with EVERYTHING!

So this was just an extremely short guide on how u can create a look that matches perfectly with your galaxy leggings. Check out our Shop for further info on where you can get simple sweaters, blouses, crop tops and tees that match galaxy tights!

~xoxo FashionBeautyyxo

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