Tuesday Trends- Kieran Shipka


During this week, the 14 year old American actress was seen rocking out her floral- centric look! Is she trying to get a head start on Spring? But this was no ordinary Spring outfit… Lets just say she incorporated some designer brands too!
Be sure to check out our Shop so that you can purchase a copy of this outfit for yourself!

Also, Comment down below what you think about floral in winter!?!?
~ xoxo FashionBeautyyxo

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Trends- Kieran Shipka

  1. i love the miu miu skirt, if anyone can pull it off it’s her. I love seeing spring trends right now!
    At style scripture, we do fashion news as well so this is great to read. We took a break from blogging for awhile and now we’re back so hopefully you can check us out 🙂
    love s.s.

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