NEW~ Tuesday Trends + Weekly Catch Up :)

So here on our blog… We will be starting two new segments! They are known as Tuesday Trends and Weekly Catchups!
Tuesday Trends will feature the latest news and goss about celebrity trends! Each Tuesday, i will post a column about andifferent celebrity and what they have been wearing! So stay tuned!!!

Weekly Catch Ups will be a basic revision of what we have posted throughout the week including: fashion tips, colums and many more!
Dont forgot to visit us on Tuesdays and Fridays for some interesting posts! 🙂

~xoxo FashionBeautyyxo

P.S. U can also leave comments if u wanna find about any celebrity trends during the week. Ur requests will feature in Tuesday Trends with credz to u!

Requests :)

Hey guys!!!
We wanna know what u wanna see… Sooooooooo……… Comment down below any requests like fashion tips, questions or if u wanna know about some of the latest trends! We would love to hear ur requests and respond to them!
~ xoxo FashionBeautyyxo


How to Stay Updated!! Feat. Our Shop!

You guys can stay updated with us through our INSTAGRAM!!!
So if u havent already u can check out our instagram which is @fashionbeautyy_xo
And be sure to follow us so that we know u guys wanna see more!!!

Also we have recently launched our ‘Shop’ tab which will feature some of our fave clothing and beauty items as well as a link to the page that you can purchase it from!! We will post and link things on our shop tab everyday so u guys can see what we have been loving!

So thats it for this update but stayed tuned because we will be posting 2 new columns that we think u guys will LOVE tonight!

~ xoxo FashionBeautyyxo

First Post!

Hi guys! So we are are new to wordpress but who cares, coz its fashion and beauty time here! we are going to post daily on both here and our instagram. plz feel free to comment questions and topics we shall talk about.

xoxo, Fashionbeautyyxo