A beginners guide to makeup!

A beginners guide to makeup!

Beginners Makeup:
Are you wondering how you can pull off a cute and simple makeup look, but you have no experience? Well, as a beginner of makeup myself, i have done alot of research and i can tell you a few tips on how to start and get used to makeup! Makeup starts from the basic eyeshadow to the not so basic contours.
For any beginner of makeup, i recommend using only two or three different beauty/ makeup suppliers: NYX, elf and possibly bys.
NYX Cosmetics are recommended by alot of beauty gurus on youtube (and i mean ALOT)! NYX are also one of my favourites as all products are cheap and inexpensive, they are good quality and they also have a wide range of products from lip gloss to concealer. For example, MacBarbie07 (my fave youtuber ) recommends NYX as a simple and satisfying drug store product :)… also, NYX is a “safe” makeup brand since they dont have any harsh sideaffects such as M.A.C which usually causes you to break-out. NYX would definitely be my #1 beginners makeup brand!
Elf is also another top beginners makeup supplier as they do have decent quality ranges, prices and products. Elf is reviewed as “Great experimenting makeup!” So this is a pretty good makeup brand for beginners however some (as in most) professional makeup artist do have a collection of elf products! Elf foundations work perfectly on any skin tone and their eyeshadows are “blendable and soft” however they are not the most pigmented… Elf eyeshadows in light tones also work well as highlighters or to deepen eye areas. I definitely recommend elf products for makeup beginners!
Unfortunatley, BYS is only sold in Australia (i think) however they are a very cheap, decent quality makeup supplier. BYS is an australian drugstore product that can nearly be found anywhere! They sell nail polishes to eyeliner so basically they supply all beauty needs… BYS is definitely not as high class as any M.A.C or Makeup Forever but it is an ‘okay’ drugstore brand. Alot of people tend to avoid BYS products afraid of the result. I kinda think it depends on luck 😝 BYS products can be faulty as in: foundation turning orange or eyeliner not being very smooth. However, every BYS product i have purchased has worked just fine! BYS Cosmetics is definitely not as good as Nyx or elf but still fits the job!

For more depth on NYX, Elf and BYS products hang around because we have a Beginners Makeup Kit post to come and possibly a give away if we reach 100 FOLLOWERS!!!!

~ xoxo FashionBeautyyxo

3 thoughts on “A beginners guide to makeup!

  1. It’s definitely pot luck when it comes to using BYS products. I have a lipstick in bright red that goes on really well and if I use a decent base and lightly dust some powder over the top, it stays on for quite a while. However, I have a liquid foundation from BYS that is very oily and wipes off as soon as it goes on. My eyeshadow palette from BYS is quite pigmented but is also very high shimmer, which adds a really nice touch when using more matte products from other brands. I tried using eyeshadow from that one palette for my whole look one night and it felt like I was wearing a disco above my eyes.
    Cheers for a great post. 🙂

    • Yes, it’s definitely pot luck when it comes to BYS products. I have a coral lipstick from BYS and it doesn’t apply smoothly and isn’t very pigmentated. Last time I wore it, I had to layer a few glosses on top. However, like you said, the red lipstick does apply very smoothly. We recently picked up one courtesy to you. It’s very pigmented and applys very smoothly. We haven’t tried dusting powder and using a decent base yet. I’m looking forward to trying yet. We actually haven’t tried a BYS foundation yet as we love our maybelline one! We actually own a few BYS pallettes ourself. I do agree that they are very high in shimmer. After you remove the eyeshadow we realised that there was still excess shimmer from the eyeshadows and we usually have to go for round 2. And I do agree. Sometimes you do feel like a disco ball.
      Thanks! Feel free to comment any requests down below!


      • I’m glad you seem to like the red lipstick! I’ll stay away from the coral lipstick. Cheers for that! 🙂 Definitely stick to your Maybelline foundation rather than trying a BYS one! I’m so in love with the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse! I agree with having to go for round two with the make up remover! It’s so hard to get it off sometimes!

        Keep up what you’re doing here! I’m quite enjoying reading your stuff.

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